Hazel Dell Parade of Bands

Hazel Dell Parade, May 18th, 2019

FVAEA participated in The Hazel Dell Parade of Bands again this year.  The weather was supposed to be cool with a chance of showers, but no one was complaining of the bright sunshine and warmer than reported temperatures. The Lyons Club put on their usual superb breakfast at the Hazel Dell Firehouse, so it was a great beginning to a wonderful day.  Dean one of our club members volunteered the use of his Ford Work-master for this editor to drive. Rob brought his big International diesel, Dennis with his newly restored International Farmall; M-TA, and Mel with his diesel Ferrari / John Deere water pump trailer. Dean drove one of the fire trucks for Fire District 6 as he is the elected Fire Commissioner. The club won the Chairman's Award again this year, so we were very excited to show it off on the fender of Rob's tractor. I almost forgot, Miss Clark County was staged next to us before the parade, so it would be thoughtless of this editor not include an image of her as well. 

All images by The Webguy


Columbia Interpretive Center exhibit

While we were busy at the Hazel Dell Parade, one of our members, and club Safety Officer Jim Barratt attended the Columbia Interpretive Center exhibit on May 18th, 2019.  Jim submitted the images of his exhibit as well.  Thanks, Jim!  

"The Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect and everything worked. We were very greatly appreciated by the staff and guests. Exhibitors were served lunch and dessert."

Jim Barratt