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The unique center steering chain

Front Forks & Brake


Front steering chain

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Wayne with the Cleveland Tandem Bicycle


Saga of an 1890's Cleveland tandem bicycle.



A year plus ago this wreached old bike was sent to us for restoration, along with a box full of parts. the frame was twisted, broken, smashed and, well, you get the idea. Miscellaneous parts were repaired and sent off for nickel plating. The frame was repaired by replacing some tubes, straightening others and yes, a little filler was required.  Alan found some 28 inch wheels and tires, these are metal wheels so you could ride it, the originals were probably wood and 'ya don’t ride them. 

From the desk of Wayne Arbour


Check the pictures and note that it steers from the rear position, and from the front position. Doesn’t that sound like fun ! Also note the front “Spoon” brake, which is how you stopped them before the coaster brake was invented. Inefficient at best ! 

There was no rear handlebar, nor did we ever find a picture of one, so this is our best guess as to form and function.

The bike heads south this afternoon, I just finished it this morning !

Thanks for the 2 great articles and images Wayne! 


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Short Tale of a Pedal Car


Some months back a friend of Alan Schurman’s, Dick King of Kelso,Washington State noticed a fire truck pedal car in a rack in Alan's museum that was restored. It was a very nice restoration, but Mr. King told Alan he thought he could make it even better.

A few days ago, it was returned and is shown in the pictures.

All custom made pieces and sporting a plaque dedicating it to Alan. Unfortunately, Alan passed away before he could see it.

Marcella (Alan’s widow) says it will never be for sale and will always have a place in her living room. 

Article and photos submitted by Wayne Arbour.


From the Iron Ranch

A short tale from the desk of Wayne Arbour